The Domain

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The Domaine du Ministre is an old wine estate, that has become only a living house 30 years ago. Although no wine is made in the Domain, it is surrounded by vineyards and the sight goes from vineyard to vineyard until Murviel.

The garden, close to 5 000 sqm, hosts various plants and trees and allows resting in the shade, playing pétanque or have lunch on the grass. The house is just under the top of a hill, the tramontane (northern wind that can be strong in season) goes above the trees and does not impact activities and rest.

Just in front, slightly below the house, you will find the swimming pool. Its size, 36 feet by 18, allows swimming as well as kids to play since the shallower end is just 1.5 foot deep. It’s protected by an alarm that will detect any body or object falling into it. Lounge chairs and sunscreens are numerous, and welcome people who want to rest.

The garden and the swimming pool are taken care of. You have nothing to do but enjoy your holidays!

If you wish to rent the Domaine du Ministre, go to Abritel.